Tips to survive a Zombie attack: Revealed!

Thanks to the entertainment industry everyone knows what a zombie is. But are zombies only a part of the movies, games and fictional books? No matter how hard you believe them to be just that, they are not. Zombies go all the way back to the history of witchcraft. In fact there have been records of zombie outbreaks in US history. Very recently there have been incidents of Zombie attacks in Texas. Lately it is a strong drug that is triggering zombie like behavioral patterns in humans. Since you will never be sure if you have a drug addict that might turn in to a zombie anytime, it is good to have your zombie survival kit and knives ready. Here are the things that you will need:

Must Have Items – Everyday Carry

everyday carry knives, survival gear, backpack etc

A Backpack

You need a strong backpack which will hold and carry a lot of stuff. This is especially important if you are travelling to a new and unknown place. Even if you have a big luggage, keep your backpack with you. You don’t want to drag a huge luggage while on the run.


For zombie survival you need a few weapons ready in your back pack. You could carry a cross bow, machete, knives, and a handgun. Make sure that you can use it and keep more than one option.

You Will Need Tools And A Guide

tools, knife, machete, and guide

First aid kit and light

Be prepared for emergency situations with a light source like a torch and match box. Additionally, have enough bandages, alcohol, medicine and small knives to treat injuries. A first aid kit is also important so that you can handle minor cuts and scratches all on your own. This will also make you helpful to others who might be in the same situation as yours.

Food and Water

Water is life, so you should have a durable water bottle and purifications tablets. Also make sure to carry some non-perishable food item so that you can last a few days without external help. Along with these you could do with a sleeping bag, extra socks, hiking boots and anything that you feel is important for your survival. Also sure that your family and friends know where you are and keep communicating as much as you can.

Finally, I never thought that one needed to be prepared for a zombie attack. But then again, I was not aware of it as a practical condition and not just folklore. My conception changed when I saw a friend suffer from a zombie attack last year (He got addicted to “Walking Dead”). Ever since then I have kept my zombie survival kit and zombie knives ready and would advise you to do so as well.

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